A thank you to those who have contributed over the years….

Len Albright, E.J. Antilla, Tom Bates, Kenton Bell, Jeff Campbell, Aubrey Charpentier, Eric DeBilt, Anne Marie DeLuca, Amy Docksteader, Mark Edwards, Donna Grunewald, Brenda Hollingsworth, Jay Johnson, Ryan McCombe, B.J. McDevitt, Scarlett Merriman, Bob Moore, Ramona Moore, Taylor Nicolaisen, Chris Nilsen, Johnny Oleksa, Shannon Petit, Brian Portner, Zachary Price, Michael Pusateri, Adam Shale, Jessie Sitnick, Tom Stanley, Jarrett Stoltzfus, Ann Swearingen, Glenn Swearingen, Larry Thomas, Keith Tyson, Benj Vardigan, Tom Walcott, and John Zydell.

And a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to those whose help has been absolutely immeasurable….

Tom Brezinsky, Bridget Conn, Terry Knab, Tiffany Merriman-Preston, Dave Schul, and Ericka Wells.


7 Responses to “Thanks”

  1. Wow, I love this site.

  2. This site (and a sip from Dr. Schnee.) has changed my religion

  3. Hello,
    I am really digging this site and i would like to do a post about it on me blog. Would it be ok if i used a few of your images in the post?

    Sincerely, FP
    Fat Pride Times

  4. I read this site while sipping a Dr. Chill. Was very chill.

  5. I found another one that wasn’t on your site. It is called Dr.Choice, but by America’s Choice. It is the store brand version of Dr. Pepper by A&P. Distributed by the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Montvale, NJ.

    I did not know how to exactly contact you so you can delete this post after you have used the information if you want.

    Let me know if you want me to upload the pics again 😀

  6. Christopher Meyers Says:

    Hello!! I love this site……and I love Dr Pepper and all its fake counterparts. I just recently found a new one that is not on your list yet…..its called……Dr.Faygo and I found it at Sheetz.

    Its tasty and smooth but still does not compare to Dr. Pepper

  7. Clint Lauricella Says:

    Have a new one for you: Dr. Zevia
    Purchased at a Whole Foods market in Cary, NC.

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