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Dr. Wild

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Private Selection is the “upscale” brand owned by (and sold through) Kroger, although distribution at the network of stores owned by Kroger seems sporadic at best. I only have one can of this beverage, so it is not yet rated.  (Kroger also sells its store-brand Dr. K.)

(This beverage is not related to Dr Wild or Dr. Wild.)


Dr. Wild

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Wild Oats‘ Dr. Wild is a perfect example of why the most important ingredients in Dr Pepper are artificial flavors. Dr. Wild tasted almost like a watered down version of the fruity Drs. The can might possibly be the most interesting. Whoever the man pictured on the can is (Dr. Wild?), by the look in his eyes I can tell that he just took a sip of this beverage. Dr. Wild earns a one and a half Dr Pepper can rating.

(For more wildly named Drs, see also Dr Wild and Dr. Wild.)


Dr Wild

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Smith’s First Choice Dr Wild (not to be confused with Dr. Wild or Dr. Wild) is a sweet tasting fruity type dr imitation. Dr Wild was purchased at Smith’s Food and Drug in Las Vegas. Not too bad; Dr Wild earns a three and a half dr pepper can rating.