Texas Fizz

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Although the name may not necessarily imply it, Phar-Mor’s Texas Fizz is undoubtably a Dr imitation. We must give Phar-mor credit for mentioning the birthplace of Dr Pepper, but the taste really leaves a lot to hope for, so Texas Fizz earns a two and a half Dr Pepper can rating. One of the few remaining Phar-mors can be found in Shawnee, KS.


Real Dr.

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I have complained before (even today, I believe) about Drs being boring and letting this ruin the flavor. Others seem to be successful at using their boring (not bland) flavor to say “i’m not the best Dr ever to be made before, but I sure as hell am not the worst either.” Count Real Dr. in the ranks of those who settle in this way for such mediocrity. Real Dr. (made by Sunny Select) earns a three dr pepper can rating.

Pibb Xtra

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Coca-Cola is test marketing Pibb Xtra in some locations in Texas (including Houston and Dallas), but judging from what some Pibb fans are saying, it may not stay around for long.  [Update:  I first wrote this when Pibb Xtra was introduced in 2001.  As of 2008, this flavor is still around with limited availability around the country.]  This formula is different from Mr PiBB, but contrary to what you might assume.. this drink does not have xtra sugar, xtra caffeine, or xtra sugar. In fact, what this drink does is to do away with the stale MrPibby flavor resulting in quite a palatable beverage. I will refrain from a ranting on why I don’t understand the marketability of the letter “X”, and I will award Pibb Xtra a four Dr Pepper can rating.

Complaints:  here and here.  Discussion of pibbxtra.com here

The Dr. Soda

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You’ve got to be pretty confident in yourself to name a drink The Dr. Soda. This drink goes a step further than Our Family’s Doctor and uses the definite article. Not only that, but it puts it in a semi-itallic font! With a name like that, you are either going to be praised for your brilliance, or chastised for its arrogance. So how does The Dr. Soda stand up? The Dr. Soda can be found at Buehler’s in Ohio. It will join the elite ranks of the five out of five Dr Pepper can ratings. With only the slightest hint of bitter, Old Time’s The Dr. Soda is remarkably close to the original.


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Doctor is found on the shelves of Econo Foods in Junction City, KS under the brand Our Family, and quite possibly in others stores as well. The taste is of the fruity variety. I can’t decide if the name ‘Doctor’ should be criticized for its extreme lack of originality. But I’m so amused that they actually had the chutzpah to name the flavor what it is, and I give Doctor a three and a half Dr Pepper can rating.

Doc Holiday

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The Doc Holiday can features a rifle and a man on the front (who I can only assume is both Doc Holliday and the owner of the gun) and claims to be loaded with “double barrels of flavor”. Doc Holiday was bought here, though it’s apparently no longer available. So after waiting a month for my shipment to arrive as if I were waiting for a decoder ring, I was terribly disappointed. Instead of the double barrels of flavor that I was hoping for, all I got was a punch in the mouth. Weak flavor and very little kick. Averaging the poor taste with the strong historical deference, Doc Holiday earns a two Dr Pepper can rating. This drink should not be confused with Doc Holiday, which also looks quite tasty.

Country Doctor

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Iowa’s Fareway grocery store brings us Country Doctor.  It was picked up at a Fastco in Corning, Iowa. At first, C.D. seems a little bitter, but after a few sips it starts to grow on you. In addition, I find it hard to drink very much of this stuff without having to burp. Country Doctor earns a three Dr Pepper can rating.