Mr Pibb

Mr Pibb must be Dr Pepper’s most successful competitor. Mr Pibb is a product of Coca-Cola, and has now mostly been replaced by Pibb Xtra.  Despite what fast food and restaurant workers across the world might say, Mr Pibb is not the same thing as Dr Pepper. Mr Pibb tastes extremely weak in comparison to Dr Pepper. Mr Pibb earns a two Dr Pepper can rating. (I also might suggest that Mr Pibb should go back to school for more education before he tries to compete with the Dr.)


8 Responses to “Mr Pibb”

  1. […] name leads us to believe than he thinks that instead of imitating Dr Pepper, he is imitating Mr. You-Know-Who. Mr. Ahhh! is made by World […]

  2. […] sugar, xtra caffeine, or xtra sugar. In fact, what this drink does is to do away with the stale MrPibby flavor resulting in quite a palatable beverage. I will refrain from a ranting on why I don’t […]

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Intermediate.

  4. Yeah and the Dr Pepper you get most places doesn’t taste like the real stuff. Still bottled at the original plant in Dublin, TX made with real sugar.

  5. Please check out our non profit, fan based web site devoted to Mr Pibb and Pibb Xtra. We are still in the process of trying to get it finished but there’s already some interesting stuff up.

  6. Professor Aahh Says:

    You know… Dr Pepper and Mr Pibb. Sounds like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. By day, the beverage is the mild mannered Dr Pepper. But by night (especially in the South) it is transformed into the ravening Mr Pibb. Mwahaha!

  7. Hey I like Mr. Pibb MORE than Dr. pepper.

  8. The first time I ate at Outback I ordered Dr. Pepper and asked pointedly if it was Dr. Pepper and not Pibb and was assured it was DP. When I took a drink and discovered it was Pibb I said something to the waiter and he said it WAS Dr. Pepper. My husband then went to the bar and asked and was told Outback only had Pibb, not DP.

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