Mr. Green

Through the SoBe brand, Pepsi briefly sold Mr. Green. In a self-aggrandizing way, Mr. Green has billed himself as an energizing flavored soda with ginseng. Despite the boast of ginseng (which in the past, has been the kiss of death for a dr) Mr. Green is amazingly tasty. It’s a truely unique taste, that I can only describe as an appropriate and effective use of spice. The marketing force behind Mr. Green seems to be the in-your-face-Xtreme type of advertising that has been used so often. There are over 20 slogans under the cap, including —

1. Get a Job  [Good advice, but it’s this type of self-righteousness that knocked Mr. Green’s ranking from a 4.5 to 4 Dr Pepper can rating.]
2. Exercise your Brain
3. Lift Weights
4. Thank Your Parents
5. Use Spell Check
6. Raise Your Hand
7. Brush Your Teeth
8. Brush Your Hair

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