Dr. Good Guy

Dr. Good Guy is bottled by Kalil Bottling Co. in Tucson, AZ. I do not have an extra can now that I can sample, but for your viewing pleasure, I will leave you with a link. Can you find the Dr. Good Guy reference?


3 Responses to “Dr. Good Guy”

  1. I was wondering if there are any “Dr. Good Guy” t-shirts available?

    I live in Tucson and grew up being know as “Dr. Pepper” — it would be a funny twist on things..

    The Best,
    Seth Pepper

  2. Wow – what a great compendium of pepper knockoffs! I love it. Can you create a page that lists these sodas in order of ratings?

  3. hey maybe make your way up to canada and try Calgary Co-op grocery stores–they have Dr. Rock

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