Doctor Whatever

Doctor Whatever invites you to “enliven the senses” with this “Globally Refreshing Elixir.” I should have suspected that my senses would take quite the opposite reaction when I found that Doctor Whatever is odorless. The first few sips tasted like beer, but it got worse from there. One tip is to first take a sip of Dr. Rush, and then chase it with Doctor Whatever. This gives a much sweeter taste. Doctor Whatever gave me a stomach ache. It was found in a trendy all-natural grocery store in Tallahassee, FL (which not only carried Doctor Whatever, but also had Dr. Rush and Dr Becker.


One Response to “Doctor Whatever”

  1. Searching for ways for people to consider a visit to their “Local Doctor” as a part of their new year’s resolution. January is probably the most important month to get people excited about changes in their life. Let me know if you have any suggestions

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