Doc Holiday

The Doc Holiday can features a rifle and a man on the front (who I can only assume is both Doc Holliday and the owner of the gun) and claims to be loaded with “double barrels of flavor”. Doc Holiday was bought here, though it’s apparently no longer available. So after waiting a month for my shipment to arrive as if I were waiting for a decoder ring, I was terribly disappointed. Instead of the double barrels of flavor that I was hoping for, all I got was a punch in the mouth. Weak flavor and very little kick. Averaging the poor taste with the strong historical deference, Doc Holiday earns a two Dr Pepper can rating. This drink should not be confused with Doc Holiday, which also looks quite tasty.

2 Responses to “Doc Holiday”

  1. Good day, kind sir,

    Though I do respect your opinion, I must chime in here to voice my dissent. I have been fortunate enough to sample Doc Holiday a number of times due to a couple ventures that have taken me through Arizona over the past seven or eight years. I must say that I have never felt let down by the flavor or effervescence, but rather have looked forward to whetting my whistle with the Doc whenever I’ve been in the Southwest.

    Though the zesty taste is certainly reminiscent (stolen?) from the good Dr. P, there is a lovely hint of vanilla flavor that cuts through the otherwise familiar berry-esque tang of these small brewed DP knock-offs.

    I’m sorry you were disappointed with this particular ‘fake Dr. Pepper.’ Personally, I think it’s delicious and I’m sorry to learn (from you) that it is no longer available.

    -LB (Brooklyn, NY)

    P.S. Your blog is brilliant.

  2. Stacey E Says:

    I’m not sure why you think this is no longer available. It is, at least at the Bashas in Payson. It probably doesn’t have a wide distribution, but I just bought a case of it right before July 4th. I actually have never seen it anywhere else, but I’m sure someone else must be carrying it.

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