Pibb Xtra

Coca-Cola is test marketing Pibb Xtra in some locations in Texas (including Houston and Dallas), but judging from what some Pibb fans are saying, it may not stay around for long.  [Update:  I first wrote this when Pibb Xtra was introduced in 2001.  As of 2008, this flavor is still around with limited availability around the country.]  This formula is different from Mr PiBB, but contrary to what you might assume.. this drink does not have xtra sugar, xtra caffeine, or xtra sugar. In fact, what this drink does is to do away with the stale MrPibby flavor resulting in quite a palatable beverage. I will refrain from a ranting on why I don’t understand the marketability of the letter “X”, and I will award Pibb Xtra a four Dr Pepper can rating.

Complaints:  here and here.  Discussion of pibbxtra.com here


2 Responses to “Pibb Xtra”

  1. […] most successful competitor. Mr Pibb is a product of Coca-Cola, and has now mostly been replaced by Pibb Xtra.  Despite what fast food and restaurant workers across the world might say, Mr Pibb is not the […]

  2. I luv Pibb extra…especially at waffle house for breakfast!

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