Dr. Vess

After the very long wait between having my first can of Dr Vess and the aquisition of the second can, I am finally able to review this rare gem.

Subtle, sophisticated, and textured – Dr Vess has joined the ranks of a four and a half dr pepper can rating. Dr Vess is available through BCB Manufacturing at Shop ‘n Save in St. Charles, MO and Eagle Country Market in Naperville, IL. The primary distributor of Dr Vess has been St. Louis based Schnucks. I should note that on the rare and lucky occasion that I have been in a Schnucks, I have seen that they have carried other Vess sodas, but I have not personally spotted Dr Vess there. Previously, Dr Vess was known as Dr. Schnee. This beverage was previously kept alive on the web by a site known as the Dr. Schnee Memorial Chapel and Gallery.


One Response to “Dr. Vess”

  1. What happened to the Dr. Schnee Memorial Chapel and Gallery??!?!?!??!!? who maintained it? It must return!!!

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