Dr Slice

Dr Slice (The Wild One) diverges from the typical imitation Dr Pepper prototype. First of all, the Dr Pepper maroon color is only seen in parts of the can, and is not used as a background. The beverage itself is red, and tastes fruity. Of course, they do stick with the name Dr that we have all grown accustomed to. Dr Slice is made by Pepsico, and the product is widely available across the country. While differing from Dr Pepper on certain key features, the drink tastes pretty good. Dr Slice earns a four Dr Pepper can rating.


2 Responses to “Dr Slice”

  1. Dr. Slice is way different than Dr. Pepper. I’d go so far as to say it may not be in the same catagory of soda. When I’m in the mood for a Pepper, I’ll grab a Pepper, but my mood for Dr. Slice is very independant of the other.

    Overall, Dr. Slice is good stuff though.

  2. where can u get dr slice

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