Dr. Perky

Food Lion‘s Dr. Perky falls way below what you might expect from Food Lion. Dr. Perky is little more than a bad tasting cola with only a hint of Dr flavoring in it. Dr. Perky earns one and a half Dr Pepper cans.


5 Responses to “Dr. Perky”

  1. I think Dr. Perky tastes just fine!

  2. amanda perkey schoolfield Says:

    wheb i was younger, some friends brought some home from a vacation trip they were on. my dad really got a kick out of the name. some of the cans hung around forever. thanks for the name!!!

  3. My family is pretty perky.my cousin Tyler was saved by dr parky. My other cousin Preston has become addicted to it.it must contain crack. After discovering dr perky he grew 8 inches and a full beard in one day.perky saved my life

  4. Kim Taylor Says:

    I buy Dr. Pepper sometimes and sometimes I buy Dr. Perky. I cannot believe that the guy up above said, “only a hint of Dr. flavoring in it”. I think it tastes enough like Dr. Pepper that poured in a plain glass, nobody would be able to distinguish one from the other.

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