Dr. K

It’s a shame that Kroger, America’s Largest Grocery Retailer, can’t bring us anything better than a bland imitation with a can which – on a good day – can only be described as spiffy. We give Dr. K (Inter-American foods brand) one a two and a half Dr Pepper can rating.


3 Responses to “Dr. K”

  1. […] Dr. Wild Private Selection is the “upscale” brand owned by (and sold through) Kroger, although distribution at the network of stores owned by Kroger seems sporadic at best. I only have one can of this beverage, so it is not yet rated.  (Kroger also sells its store-brand Dr. K.) […]

  2. riddleburger Says:

    I actually am a big fan of Dr. K, at times preferring it to Dr. Pepper. However, it sometimes loses it’s punch very quickly once can has been opened.

  3. […] Whew, my editor has thrown me a couple of challenges. Maybe more than a couple. I may need a Dr. K to make it through the night. (That link is to an awesome site dedicated to faux Dr. Pepper produts, […]

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