Dr. Fizz

Fitz’s Dr. Fizz is a microbrewed soft drink from Missouri. This beverage is available at several Fitz restaurants and can also be ordered online. Dr. Fizz is tasty, but a strong influence of cherry sodas is given away. While this would normally hurt a drink’s score, I have to give major points to the fact that a small self-contained bottler/restaurant like this would choose to add a Dr flavor to their line. Dr. Fizz earns a three and a half dr pepper can rating.


4 Responses to “Dr. Fizz”

  1. Tyler Stright Says:


    I never knew that there was a soft drink called Dr.Fizz and was going to create one but now that i heard of this soft drink i will have to think about a new name PS I’m to stupid to think of another name………… I was going to try and invent a taste full soft drink…..

  2. I’m pretty sure that says Dr. Fitz not Dr. Fizz…on the bottle…

  3. Tyler Stright is a cool cat !!! 🙂

  4. St. Louis is unusually into Dr. Pepper. (Probably because it was at the World’s Fair in 1904 and we are obsessed with our World’s Fair.) There is a Dr. Pepper / 7up bottling plant here and every place has Dr. Pepper in their fountain. Most also have Diet Dr. Pepper. Every other place I’ve lived fountain Dr. Pepper was somewhat rare. Here regardless of whether they do Coke or Pepsi they also do Dr. Pepper. So Fitz’s kinda has to have a Dr. Pepper flavor. It’s expected.

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