Dr. Chek

Found in any of the 12,000 Winn-Dixie‘s across the Southeast, is Dr. Chek (Deep South Products). This variation of the Dr. flavor is unique among its imitation counterparts. While the formula does not quite match that of Dr Pepper, we find this beverage tasty enough to give it a four Dr Pepper can rating.



Dr. Czech?


2 Responses to “Dr. Chek”

  1. […] Dr. Flavor, like Dr. Chek is distributed by Economy Wholesale Distributors, and has an almost identical can design. This can […]

  2. penny lohr Says:

    so its 2010 now i thought winn dixie completely went outta business? can u still buy dr chek & kountry mist & all the other flavors they had? if anybody ever gets this & knows tell meeeeeeeeeeeee please lol thanks

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