Dr. B

Previously thought to be discontinued, H-E-B’s Dr. B is back in action. H-E-B grocers can be found throughout Texas. Just as a warning, do NOT try to drink Dr. B if it has not been refrigerated. It is unbearable. However, it is at least palatable when chilled. Dr. B is of the fruity variety, and earns a two and a half Dr Pepper can rating.

According to one reputable Texan, HEB was founded by H.E. Butts, and therefore, Dr. B is often referred to by the nickname Dr. Butt.


2 Responses to “Dr. B”

  1. Did you change the recipe for the Dr. B. The last four times i have gotton cases from heb they have to much cherry tast or something. Something is different. Its not good. I have thrown them all away.

  2. johnnythenigg Says:

    You really need to try the cane sugar version of Dr. B. It comes in old fashoned style glass bottles and is pretty awesome.

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